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WATCH OUT FOR A Hero’s Journey: A Step-By-Step Guide to Schema Therapy with Forensic Clients“, poised for release in July 2023

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure despite overwhelming obstacles- Reeve”

The inspiration for making this ‘step-by-step’ training series was partly my experiences supervising practitioners struggling to engage and understand forensic clients. In these short videos, I show how to engage forensic clients from the get-go. Also, in addition to the standard schema techniques, I show how to use schema mode cards for forensic issues, complete offence mapping, evaluate ‘risk’ in the here and now, and identify ‘risk relevant’ treatment targets often insisted upon by institutions and courts. These concepts are unique to forensic clients and contexts and vital to understand for anyone who works with these issues.

Further inspiration has been my clients and their bravery in overcoming insurmountable difficulties. This is truly the Hero’s Journey and story. It describes a protagonist on a transformative quest, facing challenges and obstacles, meeting allies and enemies, and returning home with newfound knowledge and power. This archetypal journey resonates with many forensic clients because it reflects the universal human experience … and I also think the journey of any client and therapist…