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Consultancy Services

Professional mentoring, custom group training and consultancy, developing professional practice and capability, enhancing organisational performance and governance

Service Offering for all organisations

We work with all organisations seeking to enhance professional practice and organisational capability by employing psychological-based methods in your work environment.

We help implement risk management frameworks and deliver specialised training to develop and enhance organisational performance and governance capability in the areas of managing violence and sexual risk.

Consultancy services include mentoring and/or assistance in developing policies and practices for working with clients with complex psychological and/or behavioural needs, whilst structured group training is offered for:

  • Understanding forensic populations and offending behaviours 
  • Implementing and improving safeguarding practices in organisational settings
  • Enhancing capacity to engage and work with people with challenging and special needs 
  • Development of knowledge and skills in areas such as communication skills, effective interviewing, conflict management and diffusion 
  • Understanding and managing risk in clients and the workplace 

Service Offering for Human Services organisations implementing Royal Commission safeguarding recommendations

We work with organisations in the human services sector to detect, evaluate, develop and help implement governance methodologies in response to Royal Commission safeguarding recommendations. We provide services specifically targeting the development and maintenance of safeguarding governance frameworks that focus on preventing offending behaviours and opportunities.

Our safeguarding from individuals who pose risk consultancy services include:

  • Strategy and policy development
  • Risk management
    • Physical environment
    • Online environment
  • Offender management
  • Record keeping and information management
  • Process and procedure development
  • Staff training, mentoring and professional development
  • Health check of your current operational risk profile
  • Regular reviews/audits and external consultancy to assist with continuous improvement and keeping up to date with best practice and changes to the regulatory environment

Royal Commissions handing down safeguarding recommendations:

Organisations that would benefit from our safeguarding from individuals who pose risk consultancy services are:

  • Religious organisations
  • Childcare service providers
  • Aged care service providers
  • Disability care service providers
  • Community organisations (COs) providing services to vulnerable persons – COs defined as ‘any organisation engaged in charitable or other community-based activity operating under Australian law and not established for the purpose of making a profit’
  • Commercial organisations providing services to vulnerable persons

Service Offering for organisations implementing a safe work environment addressing sexual misconduct in the workplace

We offer expert services for organisations in commercial and non-commercial sectors that detect, evaluate, develop and help implement governance methodologies and training programs to prevent sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Organisations that would benefit from our safe work environment consultancy services are:

  • Organisations with male-dominated occupations and work contexts
  • Organisations with FIFO workforces
  • Organisations in all sectors, particularly those with identified sexual misconduct cases, eg politics, banking and finance, retail, arts and entertainment

Who is a vulnerable person?

Vulnerable persons are defined as a people aged under 18 or other individuals who may be unable to take care of themselves or are unable to protect themselves against harm or exploitation.

While all people must be protected from harm, there are additional legislative and ethical considerations for protecting vulnerable people. Vulnerable people can include:

  • children and seniors
  • people with impaired intellectual or physical functioning
  • people from a low socio-economic background
  • people who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders
  • people who are not native speakers of the local language
  • people with low levels of literacy or education
  • people subject to modern slavery, which involves human exploitation and control, such as forced labour, debt bondage, human trafficking, and child labour.

Vulnerability may be either temporary or ongoing. Vulnerable people are not limited to an organisation’s beneficiaries or the users of its services. They can include an organisation’s staff, volunteers and people in third parties, such as partners.

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