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A Hero's Journey

The Forensic Schema Therapy Sessions


Unleash the transformative power of “A Hero’s Journey – The Forensic Schema Therapy Sessions,” an immersive 6-week online training program that delves into applying schema therapy for forensic clients. This program stands out as it provides a comprehensive step-by-step ‘how-to’ guide, ensuring practical implementation of techniques rather than mere theoretical lectures.

Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable filming style, deliberately designed with a stripped-back, austere noir aesthetic, symbolizing the typical institutional environments and contexts encountered in forensic settings.

In addition to the standard schema therapy techniques, we show you how to use schema mode cards specifically designed for forensic issues. You will learn how to complete offence mapping, evaluate ‘risk‘ in the here and now, understand offence-paralleling behaviour, and identify ‘risk relevant‘ treatment targets often insisted upon by institutions and courts. These concepts are crucial for anyone who works with forensic clients and issues.

This innovative training is a 6-week interactive self-paced online that offers a unique approach to forensic schema therapy, providing participants exclusive access to expertly crafted video clips showcasing various techniques and skills in action. What sets this program apart is the detailed analysis accompanying each clip, where the practitioner’s decision-making and reasoning are meticulously explained, offering viewers a comprehensive understanding of the session dynamics. This program will empower you to navigate the complexities of working with forensic clients, enabling you to apply effective strategies confidently.

Whether you’re already immersed in the forensic field or seeking to expand your expertise, this program is an invaluable resource that equips you with the necessary tools to make a lasting impact. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to elevate your skills in schema therapy and contribute to the healing journey of those in need. Enrol today and embark on a truly transformative experience.

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

This is an intermediate-level Schema Therapy Course. Attendees would benefit from having an understanding of the general schema mode model

CDP Hours

This course constitutes 18 hours of active professional development; attendees are provided with a certificate of completion


$425 (16-Weeks Standard Access)

$475 (12-Months Extended Access)

Watch behind the scenes of making: A Hero’s Journey – The Forensic Schema Therapy Sessions


Week 1: A Call To Adventure & Meeting The Mentor (Starting Therapy & Identifying Modes)

  • The Attachment Phase: Establishing Rapport & Buy-In
  • The Attachment Phase: Identifying Modes Using Interview

Week 2: Crossing The Threshold (Mode Cards & Linking Offending to Modes)

  • Attachment Phase: Identifying Modes Using Mode Cards
  • Attachment Phase: Linking Modes to Offending Behaviour (Offence Pathway Formulation)

Week 3: The Ordeal (Dealing with the Forensic Modes)

  • Attachment Phase: Dealing with OC Modes – Limit Setting & Empathic Confrontation with Bully & Attack mode
  • Attachment Phase: Dealing with OC Modes – Limit Setting & Empathic Confrontation with Conning Manipulator (Chair Work)
  • Schema Therapy Cafe Zoom (August 15th at 4pm) with Shay Addison and Lars Madsen

Week 4: Tests, Allies and Enemies (Confronting Avoidance & Trauma)

  • Attachment Phase: Dealing with Avoidant Coping Mode: Chair Work
  • Reprocessing Phase: Diagnostic Float Back Imagery

Week 5: Seizing the Sword & The Road Back (Offence-Paralleling Behaviour and Limited Reparenting)

  • Reprocessing Phase: Imagery Rescripting & Limited Reparenting
  • Reprocessing Phase: Modes as Risk Factors (Offence Paralleling Behaviour)
  • Schema Therapy Cafe Zoom (August 29th at 10am) with Shay Addison and Lars Madsen

Week 6: The Road Back & The Return (Recruiting the Healthy Adult & Relapse Prevention)

  • Reintegration Phase: Recruiting the Health Adult Mode
  • Reintegration Phase: Chair Work: Recruiting the Healthy Adult: Reintegrating Little Riley
  • Relapse Prevention & The Real Riley

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