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Our Story

Lars Madsen

Shay Addison

Graduation and working in Queensland

Working for Qld corrective services with prisoners within the prison environment.

Traveling to England, Working in the National Health Service, completing major polygraph research project

Working in frontline psychology services for the NHS and developing the capability to utilise polygraph and penile plethysmography (PPG) in assessment and treatment services.

Returning to Australia and becoming a leader in the forensic clinical psychology space

Setting up our own practice in Paddington in 2008 and implementing our vision of:

Striving for excellence in the delivery of evidence-based forensic psychological assessment and treatment services, focussing on a daily basis upon the integration of science and practice in all our activities where we seek to maintain and advance our reputation as a “Centre of Excellence” in forensic psychological service.

Providing high-quality psychological services and therapy that are effective in providing the best outcomes for individuals.


Becoming a company of 2 – the Forensic + Clinical Psychology Centre

Focussing on utilising our individual professional experience to deliver high quality services, grow the profession and develop new products and services to benefit the community.

Phone: 07 3162 0611
Address: Unit 62 / 283 Given Terrace
Paddington, QLD 4064