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Industry Training and Schema Therapy training & supervision for mental health professionals

Schema & Forensic Schema Therapy

Schema therapy is a highly effective approach based on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), but enriched and expanded to make it one of the most transformative styles of therapy currently available.

Lars is an experienced clinical therapist and Advanced Accredited Schema Therapist and Supervisor with a strong background in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Lars provides supervision and training for mental-health professionals through Schema Therapy Skills.

As a counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist, he can teach you how to incorporate schema-therapy theory and techniques into your clinical or forensic practice.

If you are interested in becoming certified as a schema therapist, please see the certification requirements factsheet on this page.

Industry Training & Workshops

Since its inception, the Forensic + Clinical Psychology Centre has persistently sought to bring world-class leaders in both the practice and research of forensic psychology to Queensland.

We have a proud track record of uniting our accomplished colleagues from across the industry to provide best-practice training, workshops and seminars, and engage in the process of continuous education and development. We see this as an important facet of ensuring that all FCPC practitioners have access to the best training.

It also places us as an organisation that strives to be at the forefront of best practice. The following are examples of industry training previously sourced and co-ordinated by FCPC –

Previous Workshops:

  • 2018 Schema Therapy – Fine Tuning Experiential Skills by Remco van der Wijngaart
  • 2017 Schema Therapy for Narcissistic Presentations & Challenging In-Session Behaviour by Dr Marjon Nadort
  • 2017 Assessing and Managing Risk in Intimate Partner Violence and Family Violence by Professor James R. P. Ogloff AM
  • 2016 Innovation in the Treatment & Management of Sex Offenders by Emeritus Professor Don Grubin, UK.
  • 2014 Fire setters: What works in reducing arson-related offending by Assistant Professor Kate Fritzon and Sarah Miller.
  • 2014 Stepping Stones. A Group Therapy Program for the treatment of emotional regulation difficulties in people with an intellectual disability by Paul Oxnam & Emma Gardner.
  • 2014 Psychopathy: An Integration of research, practice and intervention by Professor Stephen Wong.
  • 2013 Personality Disorder in a Forencsic Context: Diagnosis, Treatment & Management by Associate Professor Michael Daffern & Dr Kylie Thompson.
  • 2013 Can I tell you what happened? Assessing the capacity of people to provide testimony by Dr Luke Hatzipetrou.
  • 2013 The Assessment of Risk of Sexual Offending: The Risk of Violence Protocol (RSP) by Professor James Ogloff.
  • 2012 Sexual Offending and Intellectual Disability: Risk Assessment and Evidence-based treatment by Professor Bill Lindsay, UK.
  • 2012 Case Formulation and Offence Paralleling Behaviour: A construct for aiding addressing offending behaviour and risk assessment by Professor Michael Daffern.
  • 2012 Expert Witness Testimony: Including Moot Court by Catherine Creamer, Scotland.
  • 2011 Assessing Psychopathy and Risk of Sexual Violence in Offenders with Intellectual Disability by Professor Doug Boer, NZ.
  • 2011 Management of Complex Forensic Cases: Clinical Case Formulation, Risk Management and Legally Defensible Report Writing by Catherine Creamer, Scotland.
  • 2010 Intellectually Disabled Offenders: General Violence & Sexual Violence Risk Assessment & Management by Professor Doug Boer, NZ.
  • 2010 Indigenous Offenders: General, Family & Sexual Violence Risk Assessment & Risk Management by Professor Doug Boer, NZ.
  • 2009 Psychopathy and Violence: General & Sexual Violence Risk Assessment by Professor Doug Boer, NZ.

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